Tallinn Dolls joins world-renowned fur free fashion brands

Popular clothing manufacturer Tallinn Dolls is the newest Estonian fashion company to sign up to the international Fur Free Retailer program. Tallinn Dolls is the 18th Estonian company to join the online list of fur-free top brands – such as Versace, Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein – by publicly committing to fur-free fashion. The Fur Free Retailer program in Estonia is run by the animal advocacy organization Loomus.

According to Mari Martin, manager of Tallinn Dolls, joining the program was an easy decision:

“We’re here for the animals and against fur farms with both hands. We protect them by being their voice. Just recently, we created a new collection in collaboration with Hanna Martinson. 10% of the sales revenue from the collections’ hoodies’ and T-shirt’s with animal-friendly slogans will be used to support Loomus.

Tallinn Dolls joins world-renowned fur free fashion brands

Other Estonian brands that have joined the Fur Free Retailer program are: Aus Design OÜ (Reet Aus), Xenia Joost, WÖÖ, Kalle HT, KÄT, Perit Muuga, Mari Design, TUUB, Reval Denim Guild, Les Petites design store, eco fashion store chain LAV Organic Lifestyle, conscious lifestyle store Slow, Estonian design store Tali, vegan brand LuxTerra, Fafa design, children’s fashion designers Dadamora and Nannipung.

Annika Lepp, project manager of the Fur Free Retailer program in Estonia, says:

“The fact that a very popular and fast-growing company like Tallinn Dolls joins the program, gives an additional boost to our efforts to make fur farms a thing of the past. Loomus works, on the one hand, with politicians and officials to ban fur farms and, on the other hand, with consumers and fashion designers so that the antiquated perception of fur as a glamorous and nature-friendly material would fade away,”

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