Marc Cain guarantees fur-free fashion

The premium fashion brand Marc Cain has joined our ever-growing list of fur-free brands. With this commitment, the company promises to no longer offer real fur in their product line.

Even though Marc Cain, which is represented in 34 countries, has not been selling real fur items since 2016, its participation in the fur-free initiative puts emphasis on the brand’s consistent stance against cruelly obtained animal fur. The global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, representative of the Fur Free Retailer program, is pleased to announce yet another prominent and international partner in the circle of fur-free companies.

Frank Rheinboldt, Managing Director of Marc Cain, says:

“We are convinced that environmental protection and sustainability starts right on our doorstep. It’s important to strive for economic success in harmony with people, animals and the environment. For Marc Cain, high quality artificial fur products have been an integral part of our collections for many seasons, we are therefore delighted to be joining the Fur Free Retailer Program to further underline our commitment to this important cause.”

Thomas Pietsch, wildlife expert at FOUR PAWS:

“We are happy to welcome Marc Cain, another renowned frontrunner in the fashion industry, to the Fur Free Retailer Program. More and more international labels are joining the worldwide movement for fur-free fashion and thereby respect consumers’ desire for cruelty-free products. The production of fur items is always associated with cruelty against animals – no matter if it’s a key ring, a cap bobble or a coat.”



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