Furla announces commitment to a fur-free policy

After last year’s announcement of its commitment to no longer using animal fur in its collections, starting from the Cruise 2019 collection (in store from November 2018), Furla, in collaboration with LAV has signed up to the Fur Free Retailer program to show its commitment to a fur-free policy.

Furthermore, Furla Group, expressed its pledge to eliminate certain types of wool from its products.

Furla announces commitment to a fur-free policy

Even though there is a limited usage of yarn which originates from animal fibre, the company is taking further steps in the direction of responsible manufacture with its choice of a more sustainable chain of supply.

With the Cruise 2020 Collection, the use of mohair and angora wool will be banned from Furla’s collections, favouring other types of wool which come from a ‘safer’ and more consolidated supply chain.

Alberto Camerlengo, CEO of the Furla Group declares:

‘We cannot regard a lack of sustainability as a mere problem of our environment, but beyond that, it has to be understood as a problem of our planet, of each and everyone of us, and of the future of our children. Furla reacts to the growing desire for an ethically correct product by an ever more conscious consumer who is interested in these topics.’


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